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Kids-In-Technology is a non-profit-making foundation that aims to groom a community of computational thinkers, problem solvers, and digital creators. The foundation is targeting to bridge the arising tech gap in the world at large.

we are committed to training children and young stars computational thinking skills, creativity, and innovation. Our mission is to spark children’s imagination through hands-on technology. The foundation wishes to inspire traditional schools to inculcate digital literacy in their curriculums so that children can learn 21st-century skills. We have trained more than 150 children in the past years and most of them are making an impact in their school, home, and community. We are advocating for digital literacy, raising awareness about the importance of technology and innovation in life. Our children are learning technology concepts such as web development, Game development, Graphic designing, Networking, Electronics, Innovation, Technology, and entrepreneurship skills. Many Gambian children are often exposed to technology but in a user skills level. Our aim is to make digital creators and inventors in The Gambia. Your supports and motivations need to actualize our dream of digitalizing The Gambia for a better economy.


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kids-In-Technology Foundation Gambia is committed to making a paradigm shift in the educational system to map the 4.0 industrial revolution need. we focus on personalized education where each child is given the opportunity to define their own experience and intuition. we drive their curiosity to invention and innovation by giving them the platform, tools, and tutorials to explore and play around.  Our actions are to boost creativity, sparking children and young stars’ imagination through hands-on activities. The foundation groom children grow with relevant skills of rewarding Science, Technology, engineering, and mathematics.

What Children Learn at Kids-In-Technology

Kids in Technology is a home for digital natives in The Gambia. We train kids in Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics concepts. Our children learn the art of invention and innovation. We train them on Scratch, Mavis Beacon, Paint, Office Application, Basic web programming using HTML/CSS and Js, Python, and animation. Below are the common platforms we us

Our Mission

Coding allows children to think creatively, as they build and write their own code to create websites, video games, and other interactive programs. Coding also encourages our kids to think big, stay curious, and helps transform their ideas into a reality


Every child is a genius. They have the brain to invent !

Let us support them to save future Gambia!

Kids-In-Technology need your support

Kids-In-Technology foundation Gambia have spend 5 year training and mentoring children and young stars core digital skills. The foundation need a permanent center with tools such as laptops, desktops, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia, 3D printers projectors, flatscreen, smart boards, robots and smart toys. These tools will be very useful to their journey to invention and innovation.

Innovation lab for kids

Innovation lab is need for children and young stars to learn practical digital skills. A center for them to improve their God given talent.


innovation tools for kids

Innovation tools such as 3D printers, laptops, desktops, Nvidia, Raspberry Pi, projectors smart boards is need for innovation

Sustaining staffs

Support is needed to maintain staffs who will maintain the system to run all year round.

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” - Stephen Hawking

One child can save the world !


volunteers, our team is committed to bringing quality hands-on digital skills education to The Gambia. We are well competent and besides working hard to ensure a good platform is created with tools for children to learn computational thinking skill and apply to benefit the country at large. .


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kids-In-Technology foundation offers a wide range of activities for the children to better learn technology, network and have fun together 



Technology bootcamp for the kids to have a long training on technology and innovations 

Jan 14, 2022


Project exhibition on invention and innovation. Talent show and price given

Jan 14, 2022

Digital sensitization

Sensitization on digital literacy using radio stations, Television station and school visit.

Our outstanding students

overall best student in computer programing and 3D Designing


Best female student in creative designing
Best male student in creative designing
Best student in logics /coding

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Frequently ask questions.

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kids-In-Technology was founded because our traditional schools does not tech children a hands-on digital skills, innovation and invention. The foundation is founded purposely to groom a community of digital creators in The Gambia. The foundation gives the platform and tools for kids to excel in the upcoming industrial revolution demands. 

The foundation is a none profit making body, children cannot afford to pay for a computer class tuition fee hence we make it a charitable foundation. We accept donors and support from individuals, private sectors, organization and philanthropic for the continues running of the foundation.

Yes it is registered, certify and license with a company number of (2019/C9909)

Yes we can operate all year round if we have a permanent space as at now we do it only summer when school are close. The foundation rent labs for it summer sessions.

The age limit is 18 years old.

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