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About Kids In Technology Gambia

Kids-In-Technology started in 2015 and was formally registered in 2019. The foundation started operating at home where the founder trained his nephew basic computer skills such as typing, windows pain, and Microsoft office applications. The founder pays close attention to his nephew and learned that he could learn fast and enjoy making houses and animals with computers. The founder then introduces the small boy to computer programming using the markup languages HTML/CSS and a little bit of Javascript but within some weeks later, he could build a nice landing page with small animations, beautiful registration forms using CSS. The boy built confidence and was able to read and write code efficiently. kids in technology is now a registered foundation in The Gambia that has its aim in grooming a community of digital creators. We have inspired a lot of kids in The Gambia to be positive and efficient users of technology. Also, the foundation is gradually working hard to include digital literacy in the traditional school curriculums in The Gambia.

Our Success Stories

Award received by African Code Week 2020​

Our Kids participated in coding challenges and many tech events such as Hackathon, Tech Exposition, and talent show events. Our mission is to expose our children to many tech platforms so that they can build confidence to compete in the international level.

frican Code Week award Given ceremony

Many of our kids are excited about competing with other likeminded kids in problem solving. They also like to join tech event to network and share more with other experience programmers.

2021 Holiday Training on Creative Designing using Paint

Kids learning creative designing in Brikama Jamisa Lab using pain. Our young girls love to design and work on group projects

Visitors with The Kids during Hackathon

Parents and experts in the domain of Information Technology come to witness the Hackathon event. Some of our kids coders build some website projects.

2021 Passing out at Brikama Jamisa Lab

After a successful training our kids we organized  a passing out ceremony for them where we invited their parent to witness their exhibition on stage. Our kids present a lot of tech skills and a certificate was given to them by the invitees.

2021 Fundamental Concept of Information Technology.

On the 10th of January, 2021 we trained 20 children on basic fundamental computer concepts. Children learn basic graphic designing, Typing, and part identifications.

2021 Hackathon, code interpretation with an experience programmer​

We organized a hackathon for our young aspiring computer programmers. We gave them a programming problem where they draw their own algorithm to solve the given problem. Many experienced programmers were invited to share their experience and expertise with the kids.

2021 Hackathon, Experience programmer giving advices to young coders ​

Experience programmers give advice to young talent to improve their coding skills.  The kids interface with many other experienced people programmers who guide and inspire them. The mentors share their stories and kids get inspired.

2021 Exhibition, Parents and Friends where invited.​

At every end of our programs, we give a platform to our kids to exhibit what they have learned and we invite their parents and friends to witness the ceremony. Our kids are always happy and enjoy showcasing their skills.

2021 Live Coding Session, Young Coder during hackathon.

Young coders, coding live under the supervision of experienced programmers. Our kids enjoy coding and sharing ideas among themselves.

Debugging With Young Coders.

We respond to our kids when they have a problem with regard to their code. Debugging is one of the exciting moment during our session.

2015 at Suna Institute of Science and Technology

Our first badge in year 2015 at Suna Institute of Science and Technology where we  trained kids on basic programing using Scratch and Pain  for creative designing skills. We gave food and drinks to every child to make them stay active and focus 

2015 Summer Program at Suna Institute of Science and Technology

kids learning the fundamental concept of Information Communication and Technology. Kids are learning typing, creative designing, and basic computational thinking skills.

2015 passing out at Institute of Science and Technology

After a successful training our kids we organized  a passing out ceremony for them where we invited their parent to witness their exhibition on stage. Our kids present a lot of tech skills and a certificate was given to them by the invitees.

2018 first of kids Summer Computer classes

The first day of 2018 badge, kids where entice with food and drink to stay active and focus in class. The foundation help kids to concentrate and learn.

Kids learning Computer Technology

The 2018 Summer program at Glory Computer Lab Brikama where kids learn  the basic computer concept such as identifying parts and functions of computer, basic coding and creative designing 

2018 Passing out and Exhibition days

The exhibition and passing out day after 2018 summer classes computer classes. Parents where invited and kids where given a certificate.

2019 Summer Computer classes

The fist session with kids during 2019 summer computer classes. many kids learned computational thinking skills such as Blocky, Paint,

2019 Exhibition, Passing out and Certificate given day

The exhibition and passing out day in year 2019 at Governors office. Many media houses where invited and the program was shown on tv and online Tv platforms.

Awarding Our Best Student in Computer Programming and Designing

Awarding the youngest computer programmer and the best creative designer in the foundation. The young geek is very good at coding, video editing and teaching other kids.

2019 Passing out and Exhibition at Governors Office Brikama

Live exhibition on various projects built by our kids. The projects where website building, graphical programing and creative designing.

2019 Passing out and Exhibition at Governors Office Brikama

Our designer designing QTV logo and also building a website using HTML?CSS in the exhibition day. The day was amazing and motivated many parents to join their kids.

The Best Typist in The Foundation, The Girl who Type Amazingly fats

Our best student who memorize keyboard with an amazing speed in typing. She is the fastest typist in the foundation. The young girl has amaze many during the exhibition day.

Exhibition Day 2019

Our kids waiting to exhibit and also waiting for their certificates. They are all good in designing and basic coding using graphical user interface tool such Scratch and Blocky.

Exhibition at Ministry of Information Communication & Infrastructure Gambia

In year 2019, the foundation when to the ministry for an exhibition. Our kids built a database using sql command line interface. They also built a website in the present of the honourable  Minister of Information communication Infrastructure Gambian and his Cabinet members.

Group Picture after The Exhibition at the Ministry of Information Communication & Infrastructure Gambia

The Group picture after the exhibition in different areas in Information Technology at the Ministry of Information Communication Infrastructure Gambia

ITAG Expo, Exhibition and Harkerton Day 2019

Kids in Technology at Tech, expo, innovation and invention event.

Innovation Day Kids-In-Technology Gambia

The foundation also organize and Innovation day where kids work on their God given talent in various hands-on skills. Our kids build things like Cars, robots, lightening houses, websites, games, drawing and many other talents.

Thinks Built by Our the Kids

Things built by our kids using the local materials. The Cars and Planes can move from one place to another. Our kids love creations and we give them the platform spark their dreams.

Our visit to Tech Lab

The foundation do visit Innovation centers, Labs and places to expose children to technology at an early age.  

The First Time Our kids where Introduce to Drones, 3D Printing Machines and Drones

Our visit to Innovation Lab where our children see and explore things like 3D printing machines, robots and drones. They all felt in love with these devices.

Our Visit to the Ministry of Information Communication & Infrastructure Gambia

At the ministry where kids learn from other adult tech geeks. Our kids are expose to real tech environment. We prepare them to fit in both the current and future generations.

Group pic in Ministry of Information Communication & Infrastructure Gambia

The group photo after signing  a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Information Communication Infrastructure Gambia